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Jane Kennedy Excellence in Aging

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding contributions of individual(s) or organization(s) that promote the safety, welfare, and well-being of older persons in the Southeast region.

Below are the recipients of this award:

1977Dr. Arthur Flemming
1978Congressman Claude Pepper
1979Margaret Jacks
1980Dr. Ellen Winston
1981M. Gene Handelsman
1981Dr. Nan Hutchinson
1982Virgie Cone
1983Viola Brawner
1984Coach Pete Griffin
1985Vita Ostrander
1985Morton Congleton
1986Dr. Septima Clark
1987Anthony E. Stark
1988Nancy C. Peace
1989Patrick B. Harris
1990Dr. Eric Pfeiffer
1991Philip Mishkin
1992Frank O. Hinckley
1993Dr. Beverly Pardue
1994Cheryll L. Schramm
1995Robert B. (Bob) Blancato
1996Jane Kennedy
1997Dr. George L. Maddox
1998John Arriola
1999"Virginia Zachert; Ph.D"
2000Jimmy Buffett
2001Margot Holland Raynor
2002Kay Hind
2003Peggy Chadwick
2004Betty Rose Severyn
2005Jean R. Bridges
2006Robert L. McFalls
2007Dennis W. Streets
2008Deborah Rattle
2009Michael Stogner
2010Gary Cyrus
2011Pam Ford Wright
2012Joanne Metrick
2013Dr. Farris Jordan
2014Carol Moody, JD
2015Dr. Ruth Garrett