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Southeastern Association of Area Agencies on Aging

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Standing for the Aging in the Southeast

SE4A.org - Bringing a Voice to the Aging Network

The Southeastern Association of AAAs (SE4A) was organized in 1973 by several Area Agencies in the Southeast Region, which included representatives from eight states and was a result of their concern over national and regional issues facing Area Agencies on Aging attempting to establish viable programs for the elderly.

To achieve it's purposes, the Association seeks the following objectives:
  • Encourage the development and enhancement of a coordinated and unified network on aging in the Southeast.
  • Advocate actions and education to increase visibility and credibility of the aging network.
  • Provide a unified group of voices to congress, AoA, the public/private sectors, the National Coalition of Aging Organizations, and other significant groups or individuals in communicating issues on behalf of older Americans.
  • Support and enhance the work of Area Agencies on Aging and their state associations.
  • Design and implement specialized training to strengthen and enhance the Southeast Aging Network.

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